Dance Styles for Workshops
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  • Street Dance

  • Bollywood

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Creative Movement & Dance

  • Samba

  • Brasileiros – 1 day workshop

  • Dance Residency 10 x 2hour workshops

WORKSHOPS – Based on Sardines Production
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“The workshops cover a range of curriculum areas such as History and Physical Education. The children express their ideas through Dance and Drama which they thoroughly enjoy. Many children have been spotted rehearsing in the playground at Lunchtimes…”
Melanie Thompson – Year 6 teacher East Acton Primary School
“This has been a wonderful opportunity for pupils to gain experience of dance on a professional level. RPM have shown great ability in engaging pupils at this age and ability of dance…”
Mary Watkins – Head of Dance at Twyford CE High School, Ealing
“Brilliant, really good, surpassed my expectations. Michael handled a difficult, hard to please, multicultural group with ease. I shall definitely be booking him again”.
Andrea Lane – Brentside High School, West London
“We have just had the most fantastic day of dance with Michael. He’s inspired the students and staff alike. He had a lovely personable nature and the students enjoyed every minute of the day. We would have him back without a doubt”.
Helena Millard – Highworth Grammer School for Girls, Kent
“The school groups really came alive on stage and the choreography was imaginative and well rehearsed…”
Jim Brown – Education Officer, Swindon Dance


Many companies are now working with artists, applying performing arts concepts to help meet the learning and development needs of employees, stimulate creative thinking, introduce new ideas and improve communications. Dance has the power to create community, reinforce shared values and affirm the human spirit. Unlike many other team-building workshops there are no winners or losers.


RPM brings the unique experience of dance into a business context to help inspire your people and stimulate imaginative thinking. Our workshops can be applied to boost creativity, collaboration and success in a number of contexts including:

  • Enhancing teamwork and leadership skills
  • Recognising and rewarding performance
  • Bringing people together after reorganisations
  • Feeling more positive about yourself and your colleagues
  • Trust – a team that has a high level of trust will learn actions quicker and be more willing to be creative and think outside the box.

Participants will surprise themselves with the quality of dance that we can make, even with a limited skill set and they will get the opportunity to identify and experience first hand the key elements of a high performance team: Leadership, Communication, Feedback, Specialization, Trust and Passion! For more information about Team building workshops, please email us at: