Web Designer:

Michael Small

Having had a career spanning dance and theatre as a performer, Michael is currently working in dance as a teacher of contemporary dance as well as creating websites as a web designer. The sum of his past and present influences have helped to evolve his craft in the digital medium of web design.

This portfolio presents various web and graphics works as well as an element of 3d animation.

Online Design:

Web Portfolio Work

A selection of web design work and one video for various clients. These examples represent performing artists, clinical hypnotists

This portfolio presents various web and graphics works as well as an element of 3d/animation.

Print Design:

Graphics Portfolio Work

A selection of graphical design work for various clients. Here we have a mixture of print work for cd covers, logos (used for print and web) and corporate portfolio

All are the product of unique, and not template, production.

Pricing Design:

Pricing Portfolio Work

With regards to costs when enquiring about possible web or graphic design, the following prices for specific elements are initial charges. The final cost for any work will come about through discussion with the client on the full nature of what is required for the project/job...

Web Design

  • Design per basic/simple page:
  • 3 photos, text and general interface £40
  • Basic template design per page: £30
  • Logo design (web and graphic): £60
  • Photo Gallery: £50
  • Flash Design page: £80
  • Flash elements on a html page: £40
  • Creating specific graphics for the page: £35
  • Scanning text or images: £15 per item
  • typing: £15 per hour
  • Updating existing pages (text and 3 photos): £15 per hour
  • Hosting and .uk URL domain name: £40
  • Forms: £40
  • Graphic Design:-
  • Letterhead: £30
  • Business card: £40
  • Logo design (web and graphic): £60
  • CD cover and disc design: £70

Presenting Material

A basic/simple page would comprise of three photo images, a few links and about 300 -500 words of text. The page will be tested in several mainstream browsers and under different screen resolutions ensuring the best possible look in most conditions.
Ideally, text and graphics should be in electronic form (e.g. sent by email attachment or put on a CD and posted to me).


A deposit of a third of the agreed total fee (50% for template work) will need to be paid in advance with the delivery of your materials (photos, text, etc). An online site will then be available to view the progress of your website.
On completion of the website (and with you being happy. with the end result), the balance of the fee should be forwarded and then your site will be transferred onto your own web space (the domain name can be secured at anytime during the creation of your website).

You can contact me to discuss options using the Feedback tab or by email: michaelsmall@colourhorizons.com or phone (07931 539049)

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